Get Out Of Postural Debt!

Regular massage care can help make the difference between healthy muscles and unhealthy muscles. Just consider how many hours per day, week and month you accumulate in sitting at a desk, driving a vehicle or studying in school. This is what I like to call your Postural Debt. Unless you are investing time in regular massage, stretching, yoga and exercise, this Postural Debt continues to accumulate and spiral out of control, very similar to financial debt! Question 1 - When was your last massage treatment? As summer is upon us you may be out gardening, golfing, hiking and camping. All of those activities place demand upon our muscular system. I find great success in helping maintain my muscl

Treating Your Muscle Spasm

How did I go from not being able to move my neck to a new personal best on my deadlift 3-days later? Step 1: Listen To Your Body An absolute first is always listening to your body. When your body produces any kind of symptom, especially pain, it's a signal to inform you of an imbalance. The quicker you respond in providing what your body is crying out for the quicker it will heal! Now unless it completely immobilizes us we typically go about our normal routine. With this in mind it's important to follow the traffic signals of pain response. Quite simply if you do something and there is no pain then I'd give it a GREEN LIGHT and it would be safe to continue perhaps at a reduced speed/intensit

Top 2 Stretches for Mid Back & Shoulder Pain

In this short video discover my top two stretches that you can use anywhere (and I highly recommend at regular intervals if you are a desk jockey) and anytime. Yours In Muscle Health Jason Barlow, RMT. #video



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