Desk Jockeys Guide to Better Posture Pt. 2

1. Posture awareness whilst seated I see every patient as a professional athlete. Just as an athlete invests time on a daily basis to train their body in preparation for an athletic endeavour, in the same respect, my patients every day are investing time in certain postures that can either be favourable or unfavourable to their physical condition. Through Postural Awareness we can learn to make appropriate corrections before it becomes too late. Ideally, if you've spent 6-hours seated each day with an improper posture then you need spend another 6-hours after work stretching and exercising to counteract the imbalance. Not going to happen, right! So, a much simpler solution is to combine you

Desk Jockeys Guide to Better Posture Pt. 1

Somewhere, something went wrong I never get bored with this image because as they say 'a picture paints a thousand words'. What I want you to focus on in particular is the faulty posture of the head, neck and shoulders. Always remember that this image is also showing a series of highly functional movement patterns and postures. I'm not here to advocate only ever having a fully erect, neutral spine, 24/7. The spine is designed for a series of directional movements such as flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation. However, most important is HOW LONG you are training your posture to be away from neutral position. Always remember it's the DOSE THAT MAKES THE POISON - even too much water

You Do This Wrong 26,000 Times A Day

What Do You Do 26,000 times a day? You are doing it without even thinking about it. Breathing. This means, if we do the math of 18 breaths per minute (adult average) x 60-minutes x 24 hours we are breathing approximately 26,000 times each day. Could you imagine doing deadlifts incorrectly 26,000 times a day. Even the thought brings injury to mind, right? Yet everyday most every adult, unless they know the secret of this natural breathing technique, are continuously reinforcing a faulty breathing pattern. In a nutshell, it means that we are breathing in the wrong pattern. Why is this happening to us? I'm sharing my own theory here. If you have young children around you from the age of bei

Why You Don't Experience Pain When...

Stop & Think (but not too much!) Answer this intriguing question - why is it that during your sleep you experience no joint pain, back pain, headache or muscle tension, not even any sense of hunger or thirst? Sure you may wake up and feel these things but during your actual sleep cycle you experience none of these ordinary, daily problems! Perhaps we've all had those extremely 'real' dreams where we do appear to experience physical harm or trauma but as soon as we awaken even that pain disappears once we realize it was just a dream. In the same way, I believe it is possible (and I've had experiences to prove this to myself) to awaken from our sleep of attachment and ignorance that keeps us

The Root Of All Your Pain?

The Link between Stress & Symptoms I think we can all agree that a certain level of stress is absolutely essential in life. The important words being 'certain level'. Everyone of us is as unique on the inside as we are on the outside and so 'one (wo)man's high stress may be another (wo)man's low stress'. Basically, we all have varying capacities to take on perceived stress. Regardless, stress of any nature - work, relationship, money, kids - creates a fascinating physiological reaction in the body and the greater the perceived the stress and the longer we endure something intolerable to our physiology the greater the chance of symptoms arising to alert us to change something. If we ignore t



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