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First Visit


During your first visit to my clinic I will provide either a Massage or Rehabilitation assessment. 



This a short (5-10 minute) assessment that helps to understand your specific health history, what brings you to the clinic and a brief physical assessment. The remaining time is for your massage treatment.

30-Minutes - $65+GST
60-Minutes - $120+GST
90-Minutes - $180+GST

55+ & Students
30-Minutes - $55+GST

60-Minutes - $100+GST

90-Minutes - $150+GST 


A more extensive Posturology assessment which includes a full body posture assessment and measurement of leg length inequality. This may require a referral for a pelvic x-ray to measure this inequality and determine a full-foot shoe lift. 

Contact my office for more information.

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Prior to your first visit to the clinic, please download, review and complete the patient intake forms and bring to your appointment.

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