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Secret #1

Stress can be demanding on your body and your mind.


As a massage therapist and busy father of four, I understand the impact stress can have upon your health.


As you transition into your new home, take a couple of minutes and try a simple breathing meditation to reframe your mind.

Sleep Pic.png

Secret #2

Sleep is one of your greatest tools to help boost your energy levels and overcome the demands of change in life. 

For optimal sleep hygiene, design yourself a plan to go to bed and wake up at a certain time each day. Your body loves a routine to help accelerate your recovery and boost your immune system.

Don't forget the powers of napping to help unwind and reboot your body and mind, even during your day!

Secret #3

Moving home requires a lot of 'movement' from you, however, your mind is typically focused on the task at hand, rather than the joy of movement itself.

Take 20-minutes each day and go for a walk on the local trail system and immerse yourself in nature. 

This will significantly help change your mood, help you collect your daily dose of vitamin D and relax your body.

Glasses of Water

Secret #4

With any extra demands placed upon the body, your hydration requirement also increases.

Your body does not have the capacity to store water. Every day your body is constantly using the water in your body for digestion, saliva production, cleaning your eyes, brain health and the list goes on.

Consider a bright colored water bottle to stand out and remind you to drink regularly.  

Our Special Gift For You!

Save 50% off your first massage with Jason Barlow, RMT.


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This offer is for up to 2-adults, aged 18+, as the new homeowners.

The Gift Certificate expires December 31, 2020.

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