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Introducing a revolutionary method to pain-relief


Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) is an integrative form of manual therapy that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain. Traditional chronic pain treatment only addresses one aspect of the underlying condition. NST creates a comprehensive therapy program using careful analysis of dysfunctional postural and movement patterns The program includes the five stages of rehabilitation:

  • Eliminating Muscle Spasm

  • Restoring Flexibility

  • Restoring Proper Biomechanics

  • Increasing Muscle Strength

  • Increasing Muscular Endurance

The purpose of NST is to not only to eliminate the pain, but educate the patient on ways to prevent recurrence of the injury.

Where it All Begins: Posturology


Don't guess. Assess. Your first appointment is dedicated to pinpointing postural distortions and muscle patterns that are keeping you locked in the pain cycle. These techniques also help us to identify any possible structural leg length difference and hemipelvis (one side of the pelvic girdle being larger than the other). If a leg length is identified we then refer out for x-ray confirmation to measure accurately. This can only be performed locally at the Okotoks Diagnostic Centre.


The Neuro Connection



Your posturology evaluation helps us to determine where to commence treatment. The neurological aspect may involve one or more of the following systems:


- Meeting the demands of the Righting Reflex

- Visceral Imbalance 

- Cranio-Facial Imbalance 

- TMJ Balancing  
- Integrative Balancing of the Atlas (C1) & Axis (C2)


An NST practitioner is trained in specific massage techniques to address these imbalances. 

The Somatic Connection


If there are no specific neurological imbalances that are causes of postural distortion we then focus our attention on the somatic or myofascial system that is creating holding patterns, trigger points and local ischemia (reduced oxygen to the tissues). Techniques range from and include:


- Myofascia Release 

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- Hydrotherapy

- Corrective Exercise Kinesiology

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