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Lower Body Rx Series

Lower Body Rx Series

C$29.99 Regular Price
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Do you suffer with:

- Low Pain Pain, Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain & Poor Posture

- Sciatica, Referred Pain Down the Leg, Hip/Glute Pain

- Runner's Knee, IT Band Tension, Thigh & Knee Pain

- Shin splints, Calf Pain, Plantar Fasciitis


If you answered yes to any or all of the above then this Lower Body Rx series includes the Lower Back, Hip & Glutes, Knee & IT Band, and Calf, Shin & Foot Rx's for you to have a more complete program immediately available to you.

Each Rx includes the Top 6 at-home exercises and self-massage techniques and the Top 5 Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips to relieve your muscle stress, tension and pain, as recommended by Jason Barlow, RMT.

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