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The 15-Step Playbook for Pain Relief - Audiobook

The 15-Step Playbook for Pain Relief - Audiobook

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You're about to discover my 15-Steps of how to quickly and easily relieve stress, tension and pain. I've created this Meaty, Free AudioBook to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every Pain Sufferer faces: 

* What is at the root of all your health and happiness?

* What is the #1 tool to conquer your body and mind?

* What are the best exercise choices to banish stress, tension and pain?

* What food hazards are triggering pain and inflammation?

* What are the easiest, most effective and free methods to boost health, happiness & vitality?


Order your paperbook edition at Amazon. Free digital eBook available on Jason Barlow's website.


Here is to your full expression of health, happiness and vitality!

Jason Barlow, RMT

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