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Get Out Of Postural Debt!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Regular massage care can help make the difference between healthy muscles and unhealthy muscles. Just consider how many hours per day, week and month you accumulate in sitting at a desk, driving a vehicle or studying in school. This is what I like to call your Postural Debt. Unless you are investing time in regular massage, stretching, yoga and exercise, this Postural Debt continues to accumulate and spiral out of control, very similar to financial debt! Question 1 - When was your last massage treatment? As summer is upon us you may be out gardening, golfing, hiking and camping. All of those activities place demand upon our muscular system. I find great success in helping maintain my muscle health and that of my patients by subscribing to a monthly program of massage. Personally, I go for a 1.5-hour massage monthly to my therapist which allows adequate time to flush the whole body and also pinpoint target areas. Now if you are more sedentary or highly active with your job then I may recommend even every 2-3 weeks. You know your body better than anybody else. Listen to it. Question 2 - When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you haven't tried a daily stretch program or a yoga class or even some meditation then make it happen. No one is going to pursue your health the same way you can. Regular activity helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Push your boundaries, test your body and mind and it will guide you as to what you need more or less of. There are many indicators and consider making a health journal to help you keep track. Guaranteed there is an 'App for That'. If it's been longer than 6-weeks since your last massage check up then call me today - 403 589 4645 - and let's get you back on your regular massage program. Your body will thank you and if you are storing lots of stress, there may be other people close to you who will also thank you for the stress relief!

Jason Barlow, RMT

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