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Did catch my 4 Exciting Announcements?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Celebrating 15-Years in Canada

As of April 13th 2020, my family and I celebrated fifteen years in Canada. My wife and I fell in love with Canada during our honeymoon in 2002, whilst traveling from rainy Vancouver, via Whistler, Jasper, & Banff, to sunny Calgary. We were sold on our desire to emigrate to Canada. The sun, the mountains, the activities, the smaller population and we were excited about raising a family in Canada.
‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.’ Seneca
I still remember that morning. I was working as a personal trainer, I’d just finished with a couple of early morning clients, and my wife called me. She had a nervous and excited tone to her voice. The letter from the High Commission of Canada in the UK had arrived. This was the news we’d been waiting for. It was either an acceptance or decline. For over a year it was a rush each morning to check the mail. Back up 2-days before this, and I’d made a quiet prayer to the Universe ‘if this is meant to be, please send us a message or a sign that our move to Canada is go.’ That was a Saturday evening. There is no mail on a Sunday in the UK and so my wife was calling me on this early Monday morning. She asked if she should open it (I don’t think she’d even finished her question and I shouted ‘YES!’), she did and her shriek of excitement down the phone confirmed our acceptance. Canada here we come. We fully committed, booked our flights for April 13th 2005 and everything was aligning for our move. We’d not had too much interest in the sale of our house, then just five nights prior to our departure, a knock at our front door, and it was a gentleman interested in our house. Coincidentally he was a member at the gym I had previously worked at. I took him on a brief tour, and he said he’d like to purchase the house. That was the final piece of the puzzle. Our dreams were about to come true.
The Rebrand
Same quality service, a simplified brand! My friend Greg Wornstaff, at Leverage Business Consulting, planted a seed a few weeks ago about rebranding. If you’ve been following my recent social media activity, you’ll notice I took that recommendation on and I’m excited to announce that The Centre for Muscle Therapy is now Jason Barlow, RMT. My big why, still captured by the orange/red yin-yang symbol, is to educate and coach patients to find balance in all areas of their lives. With over two decades of experience in the fields of massage, nutrition, exercise and personal development, I have experienced, both personally and professionally, the impact that chronic imbalances in any area of your life can have upon your body and mind, and how they manifest as stress, tension and pain. It is my mission to relieve stress, tension and pain through massage care and lifestyle coaching. I thank you for your support over the past fifteen years to help take my business from being non-existent in Canada to being welcomed, embraced and supported in my business growth and I look forward to where this journey continues with you.

The Book (Releasing June 2020)

This past year, I’ve been juggling my work, family time, home study and three basketball coaching commitments, and I was feeling a very strong yearning to want to shout out loud my message of health and happiness. I have had this dream for the past decade and during this unique time that we have had with the COVID-19 pandemic, I had no more excuses of time being an issue. My book Quick Path to Pain Relief, due to release in June 2020, is the summation of my twenty five plus years of studying, researching and traveling across UK, USA and Canada to train with the elite in their fields including, Paul Chek, Paul St. John, Dr. John Demartini, JP Sears, Sally Fallon, William Wolcott and Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. I have a passion to educate and motivate and I’ve written this book as a handbook that you can use and refer to quickly to help relieve your stress, tension and pain and lead yourself toward a life filled with health, happiness and vitality.

The Online Program (Launching June 2020) Yes, I’ve been a busy boy during this crisis! I’ve been bursting to share this with everyone, and time always appeared to evade me. As a busy father of four boys, business owner and volunteer basketball coach, I know how precious time can be for my patients. Therefore, I have designed and created a series of Prescription (Rx) Cheat Sheets that include my top 6 recommended stretches, exercises and self-massage techniques to relieve stress, tension and pain. These are downloadable, one page programs for your smartphone or computer, that you can do anywhere and at any time. Also included are my top 5 nutrition and lifestyle tips to help accelerate your relief and healing. Each program also comes with an instructional video to teach you exactly how to perform the program and that you can access anytime you wish. They are QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE for helping relieve your symptoms. My available programs include: HEADACHES & MIGRAINES NECK TENSION SHOULDERS & MID BACK FOREARM, WRIST & ELBOW LOWER BACK HIP & GLUTES KNEE & IT BAND CALF, SHIN & FOOT The programs are complete, the videos are ready and I’m aiming for June 2020 release on my website. Google & Facebook Reviews I’d like to also take this opportunity to make a small request for you to provide my business with a Google and Facebook review. For the Google review, you would need a Gmail account. They are free to set up but if you already have one, you are good to go. Click on each of the logos below and it will take you straight to the pages. For ease, you can copy and paste your review from one to the other. Thank you!
Relaunch Schedule As you may be aware the government has announced a relaunch schedule for the province. Personal services including massage are in Stage 2. The date for which is not yet determined. Stage 1 is to start May 14th, so if that plays out smoothly, I anticipate perhaps early or mid-June for my business to reopen. I will update you as I find out more. Again, I thank for your continued support. My family and I are keeping healthy and have adjusted to life-at-home quite well. I wish you and your family health, happiness and vitality! Be well, Jason Barlow, RMT.

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